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About the Artist

Performance Artist

Theatre Maker


Creative Trainer

Riham Isaac is a performance artist and theatre maker who brings together a range of practices — acting, singing, dancing, video and explores new mediums of live performance and multidisciplinary arts.  Riham's practice reflects on what it means to be producing innovative artistic work in Palestine in the current moment. Her work is playful and a profound commentary on a wide range of pressing issues related to gender, politics, and arts.


Riham has extensive experience leading and creating artistic projects. In 2017 she co-directed The Alternativity with Oscar-winning Director Danny Boyle & Banksy which was featured as a programme on BBC2. In 2016 she directed & produced I Am You, a multidisciplinary performance that toured Palestine, Sweden & Denmark. In 2014 she performed during Qalandia International Biennale 'Stone on Road’. MA Graduate from Goldsmiths in Performance and lectures at Birzeit University and Bard College. She is also the Founder of ‘Art Salon’ which is an independent art space in the old city of Beit-Sahour.  


Her recent project is a solo multimedia performance written and performed by her “Another Lover's Discourse ليه خلّتني أحبك” The Performance PREMIERED 21st/22nd Oct 22 at Belfast International Arts Festival (BIAF), who commissioned the work as part of their 2022 60th Anniversary.


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Isaac theatrical work is entertaining, humorous and takes audiences on a journey. Her work raises awareness, encourages debate, and tackles issues of social injustice.

Aser Elsaqqa,

Artistic Director

AWAN Festival

Riham is a talented artist. She deserves all the credit for the work we did together: without her Banksy's Alternativity wouldn't have happened

Danny Boyle

Co- Director

The Alternativity

Ms. Isaac’s multi-media performance is among the most creative & innovative projects I have encountered in my research of  Palestinian artists.

Elisabeth Friedman,

Professor, Phd

ILLinois State University

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