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Another Lover's Discourse ليه خلّتني أحبك
BY: Riham Isaac

Another Lover’s Discourse ليه خلّتني أحبك is the first solo theatre show created and performed  by Riham Isaac, one of Palestine’s most exciting contemporary artists. Encouraging a more  open conversation about how we understand romantic relationships, this unique piece mashes  up interviews with friends, family and strangers, combining video, music, performance and  original film to explore the complexity of love and relationships.


3 years ago, Isaac embarked on a journey to explore what it means to love; what ideas do we  have about it and what was holding her back from it? This inventive new multimedia  performance and irreverent look at romance invites you to think differently about love; to shake  off stereotypes, free yourself from old traditions and think about what you actually want. It will  resonate with anyone who has ever wondered: is this really all there is?

"The whole idea for me was to do a personal investigation into the theme of love: to find out more, maybe to find answers. I wanted to express it in its complexity because  love can be very complex, it can be very simple. Sharing your personal experience with the  audience – it’s a healing process. A big part of my work was doing interviews, a kind of documentation where I was asking different people about love. I think one of the key moments in my performance is my interview with my mother, more of an intimate conversation that I  wished I had when I was a kid. I do believe that revolution doesn’t happen just by going out in  the street; I think revolution starts from within." Riham Isaac 





Another Lover's Discourse ليه خلّتني أحبك," premiered to great acclaim at the Belfast International Arts Festival, commissioned as part of their 2022 60th celebration. The show continued its triumphant journey at London's PalArt Festival, in partnership with Amnesty International UK. Nominated as the show of the week at VAULT Festival 2023, it embarked on a successful UK tour, captivating audiences at renowned venues such as Vault Festival, Exeter Phoenix, Barbican Plymouth, Non Such Nottingham, The REP Birmingham, and Old Fire Oxford.

“The Play is constructed like a watch, pieces constantly whirring, integrating music, lighting and video film with Isaac’s Live Performance” JOHN LEWIS NEWBURY - WEEKLY NEWS  


NOW Riham sets her sights on a global tour. With ambitions to showcase her exceptional talent and artistry to diverse and vibrant cities, festivals, and venues worldwide, she aims to extend the reach of "Another Lover's Discourse" across Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.


Join Riham on this journey and experience the magic of her unforgettable performance. Riham would love to talk more about your space, audiences and potential dates to bring Another Lover's Discourse to you! 


Creative Team

Writer, Director & Performer: RIHAM ISAAC

Video Artist: SIMON CLODE

Composer and Musician: FARIS ISHAQ

Lighting Designer & Technical Stage Manager: FIRAS ABU SABBAH



Produced by: RIHAM ISAAC in collaboration with COURTENAY JOHNSON 

Marketing: LAURA HEMMING LOWE in collaboration with RIHAM ISAAC

Video Marketing: SAMEER QUMSIYEH


"A wonderful work. Funny and touching and with some real surprises - not least the singing! Riham explores the expectations of marriage and romance and the dreams that hover beyond them" Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning Director.

I hugely enjoyed Another Lover’s Discourse - it’s an intelligent, funny, inventive account of the meaning of love that at once feels highly personal and very relatable.Amber Massie Blomfield, Complicité

“It's a really striking piece of work, so playful in its use of different forms. I loved the video and its layered relationship with Riham's performance and the movement in the show.” Sam Pritchard, Royal Court 

“Her multimedia performance piece was beautiful, channelling the coquettishness of Egyptian romantic cinema and combining it with her own playfulness to create a funny and light-hearted work. Her musings on love are optimistic and refreshing and are complemented by recordings from her friends and family.”

Hajar Medda @Zeetoona on Tik Tok

“It wasn’t what any of us expected and once I settled into Performance art mode I was increasingly intrigued by it! It was fascinating watching how the piece came together through various forms of media all created over time in different locations and all connected by aspects of love”  Audience member

Isaac's theatrical work is entertaining, humorous and takes audiences on a journey. Her work raises awareness, encourages debate, and tackles issues of social injustice.

Aser Elsaqqa, Artistic Director AWAN Festival.


Commissioned by Belfast International Arts Festival, supported by British Council.With funding from the Palestinian Cultural Ministry and public funding through the National Lottery by Wales Arts International and Arts Council England. Special thanks to AWAN, Cultures of Resistance, Alhakawati, Popular Art Centre, Kasaba Theatre & Amber Massie-Blomfield.

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