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Workshops I OFFER

My aim is always to give participants creative freedom and empower them to express their ideas and narrating them by providing them with creative tools across a wide array of multi-disciplinary approaches. 


Part of my practice as a performance artist is engaging and developing different trainings and workshops using multi-disciplinary forms in creating new work; working with material, installation, sounds, videos, scripts and situations. 

​I have developed multiple workshops; most recent ones was with British council "Performance and Public Spaces" and "Performance and Multidisciplinary approaches" and another workshop which I am developing with school and communities "Home and Identity".


I have also a strong record of leading theatre training programs and community projects for young generation with different organizations. Recent project was with A.M. Qattan Foundation; a cultural, arts and social engagement project in Aljaroshiya/Tulkarem. 

I have as well developed "Love & Relationships: Thinking Differently" workshops which explores the themes of my current performance - Another Lover’s Discourse. Opening up a discussion with participants and engaging them with questions I had around the subject and specific methods used in my creative process.

I will be glad if you reach out to me to collaborate in that context. I also like designing and collaborating with you to come up with the best program that fits both our approaches. 

For more info about the workshops please  you can read below or email me on

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