Workshops I OFFER

My aim is always to give participants creative freedom and empower them to express their ideas and narrating them by providing them with creative tools across a wide array of multi-disciplinary approaches. 


Part of my practice as a performance artist is engaging and developing different trainings and workshops using multi-disciplinary forms in creating new work; working with material, installation, sounds, videos, scripts and situations. And how these forms can complement the creative process.

​I have developed multiple workshops but most recent ones was with British council "Performance and Public Spaces" and one for " Performance and Multidisciplinary approaches" and another workshop which I am developing with school and communities "Home and Identity".


I have also a strong record of leading theatre training programs and community projects for young generation with different organizations. Recent project was with A.M. Qattan Foundation; a cultural, arts and social engagement project in Aljaroshiya/Tulkarem. As well as leading long trainings programs with Alkasaba Theatre, Maan foundation and Albireh Cultural Club. 

I have as well developed "Love & Relationships: Thinking Differently" workshops which explores the themes of my current performance - Another Lover’s Discourse. Opening up a discussion with participants and engaging them with questions I had around the subject and specific methods used in my creative process.

Attached is my resume and I will be glad if you consider collaborating with me for your future projects and staff training.

I also make training programs according to what is needed; specially designed training workshops.