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"Another Lover's Discourse ليه خلّتني أحبك", premiered to great acclaim at the Belfast International Arts Festival, commissioned as part of their 2022 60th celebration. Nominated as the show of the week at VAULT Festival 2023, it embarked on a successful UK tour, captivating audiences at renowned venues. 

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My Story
Hi, I'm Riham Isaac

A Multidisciplinary Artist from Palestine.


I combine video, music, dance, installations, and integrated live performances to create immersive experiences that challenge artistic boundaries.

Through my playful approach, I delve into pressing issues such as gender, politics, and the power of the arts to provoke thoughts and inspire change. As you explore my work, I hope that you will be intrigued, curious, and excited by the way I communicate, tell stories, and navigate meaningful dialogues.

I'm passionate about collaboration and open to new projects. If you're interested in exploring creative opportunities, I'd love to hear from you!

I am passionate about developing and conducting sessions for various groups, including youth, women, students, people with special needs, and staff.


My workshops cover team building, group dynamics, stress release, and more. I also collaborate with institutions to design customized programs that suit their needs. Inspired by contemporary and multidisciplinary arts, I aim to provide participants with creative tools and freedom to express their ideas.

I would love to collaborate with your organization for future projects or staff training. 


More details on the workshops I offer and the methodologies I employ check my Workshops Pack

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